2 Productions sites

Plant 1: Production

  • Last generation laser-cutting center
  • Last generation bending centers
  • Bending tubes debit center
  • Welding workshop
  • Checking template / Control gauge
  • Shot-blasting centers
  • Cataphoretic possibilities
  • Surface treatments
  • 4 painting cabins

Plant 2: Finish, control

  • 4 modular assembly lines
  • 1 line cushioning – soundproofing
  • 1 cable bundle / electrical wiring assembly line
  • Control test
  • Electrical test
  • Tightness / waterproofing test


Equipped with a rich and varied machine park, our company transforms its raw material without going through an external subcontractor. This process saves us time and money for our customers.

Our state-of-the-art / advanced industrial plant allow us to propose sheet metal manufacture or boilerworks subcontracting services including at your convenience :

Replacement part service


For an ideal speed of execution, we manage from our premises, a service of spare parts. A permanent stock is available while the other parts are made directly from our production lines on request.

To ensure an after-sales service and manage your supply of replacement parts, Cabines DENIZET proposes you illustrated supports as: parts and assembly instructions catalogues.

For more information on our spare parts catalog please go to the “Contact” section of our website.

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