Studies - Designs

With the research and design unit, we advise you on your project’s achievement.

Together, we determine your needs in order to propose you several adapted solutions.

We encourage work based on team work and sharing.

This close collaboration between units allows us to present projects and to do a real-time validation of the ergonomy and working comfort for the future operator.

Our team

  • Four project managers
  • Three designers
  • One electrotechnician
  • Prototypists
  • A quality manager

Our tools

  • Solidworks : 3D design
  • Composer : video presentation and illustrated catalogue
  • Test benches

This team work reduces prototypes’ presentation timelines and leads to a quick manufacturing after validation.

The realization of a prototype allows us to position the different equipment inside and outside to adjust to the best the ergonomic and comfort of the cabin.

Product certifications: FOPS ROPS


We propose you approved solutions.

According to your machine’s category, we adapt to your needs to guarantee the security of operators.

Our partnerships allow us to realize the approvals necessary to your projects according to your requirements specification: FOPS, ROPS, OPS, filtration, climatic chambers, …


Air conditioning, heating, pressurization, and filtration

We realize over pressurization tests upon your demands.

These tests allow our cabins to be compliant with Europeans standards EN 15695-1 :2009 cat. 4, for every agricultural machines or vehicles in contact with dangerous chemical products.

Filtre N
image 2 EN
image 1 EN

Comfort and interior finishes

We adapt ourselves to your needs to combine comfort and ergonomics inside the cabin.

For the interior and exterior equipment, we propose you finishes upon your demands, from a structure on its own to a cabin completely equipped:

  • Soundproofing
  • Habillage TEP, foam or thermoforming covering
  • Dashboard, control console
  • Pelletized mat / molded mat
  • Different types of glass : tinted, heating, de-icing
  • Cable bundles
  • Seat, folding seat
  • Steering column, pedals
  • Interior and exterior lighting system
  • Mirrors
  • Windscreen wiper system
  • Storage areas

Modular cabin : Galaxie

The Galaxie cabin is designed as a modular cabin, with an adaptable floor or no floor at all, it adapts to all kind of machines.

The Galaxie can be equipped with numerous options adapted to your needs, without specific tooling costs.

A modern design which combine ergonomics, comfort and security.


Ventilation – air conditioning

The cabin is equipped with a ventilation system with heating and air conditioning.

The air circulation from the exterior to the interior is performed with filters. A simple system allows an easy filter replacement.

Filters could be certified Class 4 standards DIN EN 15695.

Climatisation chauffage

Exterior equipment

Galaxie cabin allows you to choose every single details: from the colour of the structure and the roof, to the numerous front and back working lights, the choice of a single door or two, back door, …


Interior equipment

The cabin could be conceived in a standard or customizable version.

You can add it several options: seat, folding seat, straight console, control console, under seat heating, sun visor, radio equipment …

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