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Is Temenos a Good Company

Low wages, growth limited to limited people, no standard benefits. Although the company is a winner, it has not made any increases in 2 years to take advantage of the Covid pandemic. 1. Celebration of Temenos Day (annual day) every year where you can bring your family and party. 2. You get 36 sheets a year, which is good compared to other companies. But certain conditions were attached. 3. Job security is good because they invest a lot of money to train you on their product. So they won`t kick you out so easily. But don`t get excited about it, as it can be a career suicide if you work in their core team using the legacy JBC language that no other company uses. 4.

Lunch/team excursion every quarter! 5. Some people in the core teams come on site. It is also very rare after a stay of a few years. . Read More Given 5* for skills development and learning, career growth and opportunities. The best company to ever learn a lot related to banking and products. One of the best things to say about transparency and recognition of the company`s employees is that there will be no policy. When you work, you are sure to get the advantage you want, whether it is evaluation/promotion. 1.

The starting salary is good. After that, valuation will stagnate. 2. Very small bonus amount according to industry standards and there are almost no benefits and treats. 3. This company is vulnerable to a huge policy. If you butter the management, then you can survive with a good reputation and promotion. 4. No festive celebration I literally do not repeat any celebration, be it Christmas, Diwali, Eid, etc.

The only thing you get is a 500rs sweet coupon on Diwali. The atmosphere is so dark because there is no festival celebration. But they decorate the office on August 15 and give 1 ladoo. Are you serious!!?? 5. The Chennai office is the worst. I felt like a haunted house when I went there for a week. 6. You must pass an internal audit every quarter, otherwise you will lose about 8,000 each quarter.7. The core team uses JBC, a legacy programming language, and if you`re sent there, your career is at stake. Believe me when I say this because many of my friends are stuck there and couldn`t find a suitable company to move.

They are now trying to learn Java, Python, etc. to change their career path. But if you`re part of the tech team, at least they use Java, Python, etc. 8. Temenos literally bought the BEST PLACE TO WORK tag. This place is the worst environment to work. 9. No overtime pay if you are asked to work on weekends. .

Read more IMPORTANT: After your membership, you will have 2 weeks of T24 training and you will have an exam. It was a strict exam that you have to take in an exam room. If you fail, just hand over the ID card and go home, this is your last word in Temenos. But hr will not inform you of this mandatory check during the interview. because they know you will join if you know that risk in advance. – 36 sheets according to paper. But in reality, you are taken to work even if you take a vacation. so they give 36 or 300 sheets of paper makes no difference – you`re not treated as a job that has to do just to work. No suitable cafeteria to have food, no transportation (also paying is not available), you have to pay 500 rs per month for parking bicycles and 3000 rs per month for parking – All internal meetings are spoken in the local language – Meeting rooms are dining room – Do not join this company except – Once you get a job here, use your career.

No other company uses this technology, so no one will recruit you. They have also signed a confidentiality agreement with companies that support T24. so they won`t recruit you either. Basically, you are put sand on your own head by joining Temenos. Since the management knows very well that you can not easily get a job outside, they will treat you like slaves – important: after your membership, you need to learn T24 and pass the exam in 2 weeks. If you fail, just hand over your ID card and go home, this will be your last day in Temenos. But HR won`t talk about this exam during interviews because people won`t join. if you still wanted to participate. God bless you!.

Read more Here is the gray area of the company. 1. Work-life balance will not be good. 2. We have to sacrifice a weekend or two of a month to work. 3. Senior People Dominantion will be there if you are in the right team, it is not a problem. 4. No matter how knowledgeable you are and how smart you are, you will feel the pressure and put your head in cold water during the first year of working/learning the t24 product. so much pressure you will feel. but once you learn, then you are the king who feels relaxed and works smoothly. 5.work culture is very bad, there is not much standard work.

It is necessary to change the ground, which looks like an old navigation center and talking about the ground will give you the impression of working in the market. This certainly needs to be improved, although it sounds local, people will be good, kind and funny. I took the time to settle down for myself. 6. An important part of the negative side is the package that is offered upon entry, will be very little compared to market standards. But the hike will be very decent. I would appreciate that. 7.No Working from home before Covid. 8. No cafeteria at the food court. The company will be like an old switchboard. Pls don`t just focus on negative reviews, there are also many positive sides.

if you have the chance to explore. An important advantage is, if you know the product t24, then you will get many options. Learning never stops when you work here. Read More There`s nothing good about this company, it`s really really really really love banking and doesn`t want to change anywhere else, so stay here. There is no benefit except the salary, fewer hikes, only one room in the name of the cafeteria, only cookies and tea in the name of the benefits, you are expected to work mainly on Saturdays, at the next level of micromanagement, they will literally monitor everything. So yes, if you are looking for all these things in your next business, do not hesitate to join Temenos and make your life hell, and there are 3 months notice to get out of this company, which they will not negotiate in any case, the whole company is controlled by a group of people sitting in the office in Chennai, expect a lot of partial treatments, impossible delays, prepare to be held accountable for things. They do not care about the elderly who leave the company, they only hire first-year students in their place with a decent salary, but with 2 years of commitment so that they can not escape. Finally, it`s not about a team, it`s the whole mentality that this company works with is pathetic. Read More Few points may seem exaggerated, but everything is true and gives my honest opinion – the company`s work culture is outdated. Believes that more time in power means more profit.

– Many long-time employees in the office have been shut down by the way the IT industry operates in the outside world – NO employee-friendly organization – 9 strict hours monitored by managers and literally interrogated/insulted to leave prematurely – Employees were invited (in a few cases forced) to take up their duties when the government loosened its grip on the lockdown (because Org wanted more profit) – Voluntary salary cuts, No pay rise and no benefits during the pandemic – Ideally, there is no FMH, management is waiting for the lockdown to be lifted so that they can hire employees the next day. – A school rather than an IT organization, first-year students and even experienced resources call on managers as a CRS and no one bothers to correct them. – Very poor infrastructure, not enough parking and staff charge 500pm for 2 wheels and 3000pm for wheelers in Chennai offices – No proper cafeteria and no relaxation areas – NO company based on products you might have in mind. – NO transportation provided – Indian management cares least about its employees and considers them only as workers – Very LITTLE recommended to join.. Read more A product-focused company with a focused vision in the banking sector. 14 years in a row Global Power Seller according to Forrester`s Global Banking Platform Deals survey We use distributed databases to help banks reduce infrastructure costs through elastic scaling, active-active resilience and improved security. We use AI, machine learning and predictive analytics to help banks increase the efficiency and resilience of their businesses. We support developers through the Temenos Developer Portal and over 700 published APIs. Temenos offers cloud-native and cloud-independent digital banking, basic banking, payment, fund management and wealth management software products that enable banks to deliver consistent, frictionless customer journeys and deliver market-leading cost/revenue services. We relentlessly focus on innovation and constantly reinvest 20% of our revenue in R&D, the highest in banking software.

Improving banking, togetherWe are enabling banking to 1.2 billion people worldwide, or 30% of the world`s population! Find out how and learn more about Temenos at a glance 1. Work-life balance is poor. 2. Management expects to be available for assistance outside of office hours. .


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